You’ll begin in an area full of Moo’s and a single Flying Moo. Dodge past the first two Moo’s and Wind Bullet the third Moo. Run a little further and Double Jump over Spindle below a Dream Stone (Blue).

Run right and Wind Bullet Boomie that appears. Run in front of the hole in the fence in the background and throw Boomie through it. Once Boomie explodes the Switch will activate the Hammer to hit the Wooden Platform. Run right and ride the Wooden Platform. Once it stops with a door to your right, get off and go through the door.

Run along the pathway, past two Jump Platforms and a gap. Once you reach the third Jump Platform, use it to jump to the upper pathway in between two Crates and continue running right until you reach the inactive Gondola. You’ll notice Moo and Armored Moo peeking out from behind the fence in the background.

Vision 2–2: Beyond the Backwards Waterfall ~The Kingdom of Jugpot~
Vision 2–2: Beyond the Backwards Waterfall ~The Kingdom of Jugpot~
Vision 2–2: Beyond the Backwards Waterfall ~The Kingdom of Jugpot~

Run right and Wind Bullet Moo on top of the Green Ball. From there continue running and ride the Rock Platform up to the area above. Run left and jump up the platforms dodging the first Dabby and it’s Spiked Balls. Then, the second Dabby and it’s Spiked Balls as you run jump right onto the platform and run onto and past the Water Jug shooting out a water stream leading to a nice scene of a waterfall.

Vision 2–1: Deep in the Dying Forest ~Forlock, the Tree Village~

Run right along the path, past Shielded Moo and jump the gap. Up ahead you’ll see Shellie below a couple of Dream Stone (Blue) on high platforms. Run past it or wait until it comes out of its shell to Wind Bullet it. Then continue running right, jumping on a thin platform. As long as you stand on this platform the Summy throwing Spiked Balls won’t be able to hit you. Jump on the platform to your right, jumping over Spear Moo charging toward you and Wind Bullet it to get rid of it.

Crystalis NES walkthrough on how to clear the Angry Sea, Evil Spirit Island and Sabera’s Castle. How to find the Love Pendant, Glowing Lamp, Statue of Gold and reach Swan.

Non-Medium Members:

Angry Sea

  • Once the boat stops on the island to the west, walk northwest and enter the house.
  • Talk to Kensu and then exit the house.
  • Walk west next to the Angry Sea and equip and use the Shell Flute to summon the Dolphin. Ride north until you reach a branching path. Ride northwest until you reach a coastline. Disembark the Dolphin and walk northeast to enter Joel.


  • Walk…

Vision 1–2: The Diva and the Dark Spirit ~Gunston Mine~

Run right and Wind Bullet Moo to get rid of it. Jump down onto the pillars below the gap and then jump left past the Spikers toward the pathway. Use Wind Bullet on Moo and Zippoe to get rid of them, run left and ride the Updraft to the upper pathway. Follow the path and free Phantomilian Prisoner 1 at the end.

Odin is the All-Father of the Norse Gods armed with his spear Gungnir as well as being able to Summon Jera, Fe, Isa, Hagalaz and Kaunan onto the battlefield.

In Valhalla Mode Odin will always throw three Gungnir’s and can summon all five Jotun’s onto the battlefield.

🔸Main attacks🔸


▪️Odin dashes backwards up to two times, then throws his spear Gungnir at you but this time it splits into three at 45, 90 and 135 angles. All will continue hunting you, appearing one at a time until they hit you or disappear. It gives off a humming sound the closer it is to you.

🔹Summon Jera🔹

▪️Odin will Summon Jera at one of the six circles in which she will use her Poison Cloud attack before disappearing.

🔹Summon Fe🔹

▪️Odin will Summon Fe at one…

Kaunan is the Fire Giant capable of using fire in order to launch powerful area of effect attacks across the battlefield.

In Valhalla Mode Kaunan creates larger and longer cracks in the ground as well as dropping more fireballs.

🔸Main attacks🔸

🔹High Jump 1🔹

▪️Kaunan will jump high into the air for three seconds then coming crashing down. On landing Kaunan will stay squatted for five seconds, then fireballs will come raining down across the battlefield creating hot zones which will damage you if you step on it.

🔹High Jump 2🔹

▪️Identical to High Jump 1 except when jumping, Kaunan will leave an arc of flame from his launch position. Once landing he will cause flames to erupt around him and six cracks with branches will encircle him reaching…

Fe is the Cave Jotun specializing in using her immense strength to drop boulders down from above, Summon Dwarves to assist her in battle and attacking you personally with her immense shield.

🔸Main attacks🔸

🔹Summon Dwarves🔹

▪️Anytime Fe slams either her hand or shield onto the ground she will summon a large amount of Dwarves including Large Dwarves from the beginning of the battle.

🔹Shield Slam🔹

▪️Fe lifts her shield above her head and slam it down vertically into the ground after three seconds. This also has a pushback effect which affects both you and the Dwarves.

🔹Shield Toss🔹

▪️Fe turns her torso to the side and tosses…

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