“As you return to the Prism Corridor you find that all the leaders: Balue, Granny, King Seadoph with Pamela and Karal, High Priest Moire have been awaiting your return. Each congratulate Klonoa for stopping Ghadius. Queen then arrives and is glad to see both Klonoa and Huepow safe.

As they celebrate their victory Ghadius reveals that the Egg has already received enough nightmare energy to corrupt Lephise’s body and release Nahatomb. He reveals that as long as dream energy passes through the Prism, Nahatomb can never be destroyed. In his dying breath, he tells Klonoa that Nahatomb will destroy the…

“At the top of the Elevator a Guard will appear and call out to ‘Sir’ Huepow saying that they’ve been awaiting his return. He claims the Moon Kingdom is under the control of Ghadius. The Queen of Cress, the Moon Kingdom appears and wallows in their carelessness, noting he has trapped Lephise in the egg far below, infusing it with nightmare energy.

“Thanks to Pamela, Klonoa and Huepow reach Cress. Unfortunately, due to Pamela’s body Klonoa had to send her away because she would not be able to help Klonoa inside. She wishes Klonoa luck, but Huepow seems concerned about something but tries to hide it. Instead, Huepow focuses the attention on Ghadius and his plan to inflict nightmare energy upon Phantomile. With that they head into Cress.”

“As Klonoa and Huepow reach the top of the Elevator they see a priest lying on the ground injured with a Ngapoko flying near. He awakens and reveals himself to be High Priest Moire. He explains that Ghadius has already opened the Moon Gate and the return of the Cress, the Moon Kingdom is imminent.

“After being dropped off at Coronia, Temple of the Sun by Pamela she flies off knowing with her build she couldn’t possibly help Klonoa get through the Temple of the Sun”.

Run right and into the tunnel to fall into the Temple of the Sun’s Altar Room behind four altars: red, blue, yellow and green.

Run right and go down the next four slopes dodging both Moo’s and Spiker’s on the way down. When going down the last slope try to Wind Bullet one of the Moo’s there before they run away, since it’s likely you crashed into some Spiker’s. If you fail to Wind Bullet Moo on the way down then run back up the slope and a Moo will come sliding toward you. Wind Bullet this one and walk to the shadow beside the door. An Ngapoko Egg will appear, which when broken will reveal a Heart (Small). …

You’ll begin in an area full of Moo’s and a single Flying Moo. Dodge past the first two Moo’s and Wind Bullet the third Moo. Run a little further and Double Jump over Spindle below a Dream Stone (Blue).

Run right and Wind Bullet Boomie that appears. Run in front of the hole in the fence in the background and throw Boomie through it. Once Boomie explodes the Switch will activate the Hammer to hit the Wooden Platform. Run right and ride the Wooden Platform. Once it stops with a door to your right, get off and go through the door.

Run along the pathway, past two Jump Platforms and a gap. Once you reach the third Jump Platform, use it to jump to the upper pathway in between two Crates and continue running right until you reach the inactive Gondola. You’ll notice Moo and Armored Moo peeking out from behind the fence in the background.

Vision 2–2: Beyond the Backwards Waterfall ~The Kingdom of Jugpot~
Vision 2–2: Beyond the Backwards Waterfall ~The Kingdom of Jugpot~
Vision 2–2: Beyond the Backwards Waterfall ~The Kingdom of Jugpot~

Run right and Wind Bullet Moo on top of the Green Ball. From there continue running and ride the Rock Platform up to the area above. Run left and jump up the platforms dodging the first Dabby and it’s Spiked Balls. Then, the second Dabby and it’s Spiked Balls as you run jump right onto the platform and run onto and past the Water Jug shooting out a water stream leading to a nice scene of a waterfall.

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Like any good human I'm not a robot with a singular purpose. I can't force myself to write about any one thing. Can you do something so obviously boring?

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